What is the Timeline For Solar Installation?

What is the Timeline For Solar Installation

What happens after your contract is signed?

Even though we can’t give you the number of days it takes, because every install situation is different, we can look at all the steps involved in the solar installation process.

The Site Survey

The first thing that is scheduled after your paperwork is signed is your site survey.

Someone will come out and look at your roof and the location of your electric meter.

This is done to finalize your solar design.

If the site survey requires changes to be made you will receive a new contract to sign reflecting those changes.


After we review your site survey results we send your financing form to be filled out, if you are taking advantage of our financing options.


Once your system design is finalized we apply for the permits needed by your local government for your solar project.

Installation Day,

Once permitting is completed and your install has been approved the installation will take place.


After your system is installed it will be inspected by your local municipality to make sure the install is up to code.

If anything needs to be changed it will be handled right away.

Permission to Operate

 A few days after inspection the inspector will issue a PTO or permission to operate allowing us to know your system is up to code.

This means that your system is fully operational and you can start reaping the benefits of your solar investment.

After Install

Now that your system is installed your investment will be protected by a 25-year warranty and a 25-year production guarantee. You’ll also be able to monitor your system’s performance right from your smartphone. Hirst Solar Consulting will be here to answer any concerns or questions you may have pertaining to you your system.

If you haven’t sat down with us to look at your solar options contact us to set up an appointment. Hirst Solar Consulting will discuss your energy needs and build you a custom solar design. 

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