7 Questions to Ask During Your Solar Consultation

7 Questions to Ask During Your Solar Consultation

So you’ve made the appointment.

Now what?

Here are seven key questions to ask during your consultation.

What Solar Options Do You Offer?

Some companies only offer outright solar ownership. Some companies offer Solar Leases and PPAs. It’s good to explore all your solar options to know which one is best for you.

Do Your Panels Come with a Production Guarantee?

 A production guarantee means if there is a problem that causes your solar system to fail or under-produce power, and that problem is due to a mistake by the solar company, you will be compensated for the energy your system didn’t produce while it was down or under-producing.

What Does the Warranty Cover and for How Long?

Warranties cover repairs and replacement. You need to know the guidelines for what is covered and what isn’t.

Do You Offer Battery Backups?

If you’re interested in having a battery backup system for energy security, you need to know if they offer them, as well as what your options are through the company.

Do You Offer Top Tier Panels?

Top-tier panels are the best panels. You want to make sure that if you’re going to make the investment into solar that you’re getting quality panels that will produce for years to come.

 Do You Offer System Monitoring?

Some solar companies have apps that let you monitor the health and production of your panels. 

This app lets you see how much power your panels are producing and allows you to catch any production problems so you can reach out to the company to get them resolved.

Do You Have a Local Presence?

Is the person showing up to your house your neighbor, or is this a salesman who just popped into the area to make a few sales, and then you’ll never hear from them again? You want to know you have a contact who is going to answer your questions and assist you through your solar installation and afterward.

If you’re interested in learning more about your solar options you can contact Hirst Solar Consulting to schedule your free consultation. We’ll build you a custom solar design to meet your energy needs and maximize your utilization of your energy company’s net metering policy.

What say you?