Texas Law Prevents HOAs and POAs From Prohibiting Solar Devices.

Austin, Texas, USA at the Texas State Capitol at dusk.

Many Texas property owners who live in Texas POAs and HOAs believe that they can’t have solar panels. That is simply not true.

You still have to ask before install, but Texas House Bill 362 protects the rights of the property owners.

Associations can only prohibit solar energy devices for the following reasons:

threatened public health or safety;
violated a law;
was located on property owned or maintained by the property
owners’ association;
was located on property owned in common by the members of the
property owners’ association;
was located anywhere on the individual property owner’s premises
other than the roof of the home or in a fenced yard or patio;
if mounted on the roof: was higher than the roofline; did not
conform to the slope of the roof and had a top edge not parallel to
the roofline; had a frame, support bracket, or visible piping or
wiring that was not in a commonly available silver, bronze, or black
tone; or was in an area other than the one designated by the
property owners’ association unless this area increased its energy
production by more than 10 percent as determined by the National
Renewable Energy Laboratory;
if in a fenced yard or patio, was taller than the fence; or
conflicted with the manufacturer’s installation requirements or
voided material warranties.

Texas House Bill 362

If you have bylaws in your HOA or POA that prohibit solar panels, they are unlawful. If you would like a free solar design click here, If you would like more information on your solar solution options email hirstsolarconsulting@gmail.com

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