Debunked: 5 Common Solar Misconceptions

It’s no surprise that everyone’s talking about solar! Unfortunately not everything being said is accurate. Many remember the solar panels from the 70’s. Solar innovations have come a long way from your grandpa’s solar panels So lets shine a little light on this whole solar situation.

Solar is too expensive  

In the past ten years, the cost of a solar installation has an average annual decrease of 62%. That means that with finance options and low-interest rates it’s entirely obtainable. If you look at trading your electric bill for a solar panel payment it takes the sticker shock off of your system. Most people are able to get a system for the same price or lower than their current average monthly electric bill.

Solar doesn’t work well in the winter

Actually, the opposite is true. Colder temps enhance photovoltaic power output making solar panels more efficient. That’s good news for our friends in the north.

You have to be off grid to have solar

Nope, most solar systems are actually on-grid and use a process called net metering to credit the system owner for the electricity that they produce. Most electric providers have information about their net metering policy on their website.

Solar will damage my roof  

As long as your panels are installed by a licensed, qualified professional solar panels won’t damage your roof.

Don’t want them on the roof? Have them installed on a boathouse, metal building, carport, pergola, or on ground mounts.  

You can’t save money going solar

Solar panels are an investment for some immediate savings may be minimal but others may see more dramatic savings depending on system size and your current energy rates and usage.

Residential energy rates have increased by 15% in the last decade and are expected to rise another 2.8% this year according to the EIA. Potentially you could be energy independent and not have an electric bill, once your panels are paid off.   

What say you?